The Morton Arboretum's Naturalist Certificate Program

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Liliaceae: Allium canadensis - wild onion
Liliaceae featured species:
Allium canadensis - wild onion
Allium tricoccum - wild leek
Erythronium albidum - white trout lily, dog-tooth violet
Erythronium americanum - yellow trout lily
Maianthemum canadensis var. interius - Canada mayflower
Polygonatum canaliculatum - smooth Solomon's seal
Smilacina racemosa - feathery false Solomon's seal
Smilacina stellata - starry false Solomon's seal
Trillium grandiflorum - large-flowered trillium

Edna Davion
Department of Botany, The Field Museum
Chicago, IL 60605-2496
Photographs by
Jane and John Balaban
Skokie, Illinois
North Branch Restoration Project